My thoughts January 9, 2018

1. Regardless of your thoughts on Ontario’s minimum wage increase, the Wynne government did not raise it because of the economy or their concern for minimum wage earners, she did it because there’s an election in June. Economic impacts, strain on small businesses, on-top of hydro increases and so forth, brush all that aside- she did it because it’ll be a big wedge issue in the election and Wynne gets to depict her government as Robin Hood.

2. The Canadian government should send a box of chocolates along with a thank you card to the White House. The hysteria going on in the United States has given this Liberal government carte blanche to do whatever it likes, while the Canadian media pays no mind to it whatsoever. Joshua Boyle, used Australian jets, reintegration of former ISIS fighters, the payment made to Omar Khadr, ethics violation with the Aga Khan, the flood of Salvadorians who are going to flood across the border in the coming weeks, sweep all that under the rug, “Trump indirectly insulted some non-binary minority while watching the gorilla channel today” and this will make the front page headlines of the CBC, Globe and Mail, National Post, the Sun, etc…..


3. Oprah should run for office. For the past year, the Left has depicted Conservatives as shallow buffoons who were willing to sell their soul to a TV star billionaire if it simply meant they’d get into office. I yearn for the day when Bernie Sanders gets standing ovaitons at the DNC after conceding the race in the hopes that the same woman who gave Dr.Oz and Dr.Phil a platform will too give him an afternoon TV slot.


4. Despite how progressive the Golden Globes were the other night, with their black wardrobe, and the mainstreaming of the word “mansplaining” into the vernacular, it’s important to remember that Harvey Weinstein is still not in jail. Neither is Louis CK, neither is Kevin Spacey…………