Oprah Would be Stupid to Run for Office

For the few segments I watched, the Golden Globes was both squeamish and awkward. Words like “another white male” or “manspanning” being mainstreamed into the discourse by beta male Seth Meyers was disturbing to say the least, but what will capture the headlines today will be Oprah flirting with the idea of running for the US presidency. Now this isn’t something new, this is something that’s been rumoured even before Trump ran for office. I think this would be a strategic blunder on the part of the Democrats if this was actually something that’s to manifest. The reason why the Democrats and the Left are losing in the US is because their message fails to resonate with the segments of society that have traditionally voted for them. The Left thought they could co-op radical progressive Cosmopolitan values, without alienating themselves from their base. This proved to be false, and blowhards like Trump simply exploited this reality. Americans don’t want to be lectured by self proclaimed moral superiors about the sins of America’s past. Working class men and women struggling to put food on the table don’t want to be lectured by Hollywood shrills about “checking their privilege” because of the pigment of their skin or gender. And this is why Oprah would fail miserably if she ran for office. She, certainly like her would be predecessor, would have renowned name recognition, but if her campaign were to mirror anything like the speech she gave last night, it would fail to galvanize any momentum that would pave her way to the White House. Now, if the Democrats were go with a traditional centrist, say Joe Biden, then I’d be concerned, but I think the actual string pullers in the Democratic Party are far too conceited and vacant minded to consider that maybe it’s a centrist they need, not another progressive. Democrats are still having a hard time reconciling the reality that Barack Obama was a larger than life character that radically changed their party, and no candidate can or will fill his shoes, not even Oprah.