A Hollywood Prime Minister 

Pierre Trudeau was such a pompous in his demeanour, you’d have assumed at least that some of that would have trickled down onto his son, but no- he’s so cringe worthy. It’s a solemn occasion and he treats it like a Nikki Minaj concert. I never thought the McDonald’s/Disney World politics of the US would ever come to Canada. We like our boring dry wall politics, at least I thought, then this imbecile comes along, and indifference to politics, can’t the average person just tell by his tone while speaking, his speaking abilities, his flamboyant mannerism (remember that goatee?) see that he’s not cut out to lead a government? It’s nauseating to reflect that the big heads in the Liberal party were cynical enough to use such a synthetic one dimensional candidate as their ticket to power. And this is the depressing truth: if this is the political climate now in Canada, then Kevin O’Leary is the only person who can win. Not because of his policies, (the guy’s Conservative Lite as can be) but because only a TV talking Hollywoodized candidate can ouster a Hollywoodized Prime Minister. Look at the US. The election of Trudeau reflects the palate of what’s tolerable and desired in our political culture- television politicians. People who can look into the camera and advocate a message coherently​ and most of all- ENTERTAININGLY! There is no one else running in the leadership race who has this essential quality than Mr.Wonderful himself.