The Troll Shall Set You Free

If you happened to listen to my last podcast, (which, by the way, if you haven’t yet, click here and perhaps the heavens will forgive you,) I talked about a man named Dean Lapierre. I keep bringing this person up because the incident that happened with him epitomizes the dismal situation of our contemporary politics.

Dean Lapierre is the President of the Windsor Minor Hockey League, so in many words- he’s a hockey coach. This is an organization that does a great service in teaching kids in Windsor Ontario our national pastime. Dean most probably lives a normal life like any normal working class ‘joe.’ He has a 9-5 job, pays his bills, has a mortgage, a wife, whatever, right?

Well if you recall, after the election of Donald Trump in the US, there was a group of nagging women from Windsor (same city) that were getting a lot of attention in Canadian media because these CANADIAN women wanted to go down to Washington D.C. to join the ‘Women’s March’ against Donald Trump. The local Windsor media, and Canadian nationwide media, tried to depict these women as a bunch of suffragettes, which is an exaggerated depiction, but anyways- Dean Lapierre, one night while scrolling through his Facebook news feed saw this, and wrote the following :

“Any of those CANADIAN women who wanted to protest the President of the USA and got turned around. Good u dumb bitches, worry about your own Country CANADA.”

Now, how many of you have scrolled through a comment section at least once or twice, and have not seen something similar, if not worse? It’s quite common. I mean you can’t scroll past the comment section on a YouTube video about how to make lentil soup without passing horrendous comments and criticism. So seriously, who are we kidding? So this guy, Dean Lapierre, because of this comment was suspended  from his job for the entire year, forced to take a training course on how to deal with his social media use, along with a ‘respect in sport’ course, and a ‘respect-for-women’ training course organized by a sexual assault CRISIS centre, (this man committed no sexual assault.)

This is something fascinating, because this case, although at a first glace, may seem trivial, actually encompasses in and of itself the politics of today, and why someone like Donald Trump won the US presidency.

Lapierre’s Facebook comment- “U Dumb Bitches,” are those the wisest words, or most articulate words this individual could have used? No, but that’s precisely the point! Someone like Dean Lapierre, in all likelihood, doesn’t give a shit about politics, he’s not someone like me, some penniless political blogger who tosses and turns and thinks about politics 24/7. He’s not a politician who needs to carefully craft his wording to make sure every demographic and potential voter can sign on to. No, this is simply a common working class joe, not equipped with the ‘fancy talk’ or the ‘correct wording’ that’s now required by our establishment, no, he simply gave his two-bit sentiment in the language that he knew on how he felt towards some political incident he happened to not agree with. And what does our establishment, particularly the Left, do? Bar him from his job, his means to earn an income, send him to re-education classes, and demand that his thoughts and feelings be forcefully coerced to think and feel a certain way, and should, heaven forbid, he choose to verbally revolt, his words of revulsion must remain within certain confines, within certain limits. This is the Left doing this, the Left who has for years been trying to champion the plights of the working class?

It’s amusing to watch self-proclaimed Leftists who’ve claimed to champion the plights of the working class now police and advocate control of the common day language of the common working class joe. Over the past several decades the political Leftist establishment has sought to usurp the grievances of the working class, taking their anger, their resentment, and then funnel it through a cheese cloth until finely groomed gentlemen politicians, like Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, would emerge. And in doing so, while they’ve funneled those grievances through that filter to support their narrative, they’ve also simultaneously blended in the grievances of affluent urbanites, and tried to pass it off as the working class’s too- gay marriage, post-modern feminism, transgenderism, etc, (grievances that are not genuinely yearned for by the working class).

The result mirrors a certain line from William Butler Yates poemthe Second Coming,’–  “the falcon, can no longer hear the falconer.” The Ford factory worker, the construction worker, no longer feels comfortable in a party that once fought and advocated for his workers rights and benefits. It’s now a party full of millennials waving rainbow flags, screaming ‘hands up don’t shoot,’ and wants to talk about correct gender pronunciation. And indeed, to quote from that same Yates’ poem, “what rough beast hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem?” The cheese cloth filter has been removed, the falcon can hear the falconer, and that rough beast is Donald Trump. Many political analysts were skeptical of Trump. How could he, a man who lives in a downtown Manhattan penthouse made out of marble, and is a real estate mogul, somehow relate with the working class, rub shoulders with them, and dominate their political enthusiasm? Very simple answer: He talks like them.

Your average joe six pack, who’s been laid off from work, will never understand the complexities of the economy we’re now in, will never understand the precise consequences as to why there is mass migration, why our economy is more vulnerable to outside forces, why there’s terrorism today, or why we have to take our shoes off at the airport. No politician can explain it to them properly or politely, and Trump’s political performance demonstrated that he had no interest to do so. Instead, he spoke to the sentiments and the grievances that the politically disenfranchised feel. Instead of saying our economy is more vulnerable due to increased interconnected global trade, he said, “we’re getting screwed,” “Mexico isn’t sending their best!” “Our country is being led by stupid people,” “Grab ’em by the pussy,” “Take the oil,” and “I’ll bomb the shit out of them.” Those are the sort of sentiments and political jargon that are morphed into the type of language the working class joe resonates with, and boils down a precise diagnosis that he/she can understand, “we’re getting screwed.”

The election of Donald Trump, the troll on the internet who writes “bitches,” have essentially removed the garment our elite have tried to hide behind. It’s taken their one sided book of rights and wrongs and tossed it out the window. It has said to the media and celebrity cultural elites who masquerade as pious saints, that their phony catechism is no longer valid. Telling their edicts, and precepts, that have tried to govern the working class joe’s grievances, telling him to ‘go eat cake’ when he gets laid off from Ford’s, telling him to ride the bus, because of ‘global warming,’ to go fuck themselves. It is this crude libertinism that will be the evolution of our society and democracy. No class of people possess or have a monopoly on virtue, and we’ll become a better society once recognizing that everyone is corrupt to the bone. The truth, that in many ways is vulgarly uttered in anger, shall set us free.